Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to Wear: Kimono

A Kimono has to be one of my secret ‘go-to’ items. If I suddenly have to dash out to a meeting or dinner and have no outfit planned, it’s perfect for throwing over a vest top and a pair of trusty old jeans. A seemingly boring outfit until the kimono adds that little spark of interest.
A lot of my friends say they find it hard to style this garment into their wardrobe, but I have to disagree. I believe you can work some magic into any outfit with this oriental beauty. The Kimono comes in a variety of lengths, for instance a hip length kimono is perfect for creating a casual relaxed outfit whilst a full length kimono looks great cinched in at the waist with a vintage belt. In my eyes this super versatile garment is perfect for all manner of occasions. Great for adding flare to an otherwise tired looking outfit, think jersey t-shirt and leggings, or worn as a jacket over a stunning evening dress.  
The nature of the Kimono is to naturally drape around you with its beautiful, flowing fabric. They’re usually made of hand woven textiles, using luxurious natural materials such as silk or cotton. More recently kimonos tend to be associated with the term ‘bohemian style’. Celebrities such as Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens all favour the bohemian chic look, donning kimonos as their go to pieces, perfect for a summertime festival teamed with plaited hair and heaps of vintage jewellery. If you love the whole ‘thrown together’ look with layers of silk and lace then investing in a good kimono should be top of your list.

Our new collection of vintage kimonos are perfect for creating a totally unique look. One of a kind, antique garments that will ensure you don’t turn up to the party wearing the same as everyone else. So instead of going for a jacket or cardigan you should consider this beautiful garment as a stylish alternative, perfect for the summer months ahead!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Blogger Siren - The Moptop

Check out the lovely Tonya from The Moptop wearing our Crop To It Sweater. The texture of the sweater works really well with the striped shorts, a perfect spring time look. Cropped sweaters are perfect transitional pieces taking you from winter to spring, perfect for throwing over a tee or summer dress.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Behind the Scenes - Nineties Style

Our latest shoot is all about the nineties. We've taken inspiration from nineties television, music and of course fashion. Over the top accessories, clashing colours and patterns are where it's at. Why not check out our Pinterest board to see what's inspired us. 
Fun props and accessories are perfect for creating that nineties vibe. Colourful, girly bows and frills mixed with chunky gold chains and pearls. 
And here's a glimpse of some of the looks we've put together for this latest shoot. A mixture of pretty florals, sporty crop tops, sparkling sequins and chunky platforms shoes.

Images: Pinterest and SirenLondon

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A College Story - Three Great Student Looks

Three great looks that'll have you looking cool on campus, whether you're studying or hanging out with friends, you'll be sure to pull off the stylish student look. 
Start the day with a little studying at the library, pens and pencils at the ready.
Slowly working your way through what seems like an ocean of books!
Opting for a comfy yet stylish outfit perfect for rummaging around the bookshelves and lugging all those books.
Finally lunchtime and you're heading to your favourite diner just around the block.
Enjoying milkshakes and pancakes whilst trying to avoid the 'popular' girls from school. 
And not forgetting a quick change to ensure you catch the eye of your latest crush.
School's out! It's time for a night at the bowling alley, hoping those dreaded shoes won't clash with your outfit. 
And after managing to avoid the gutter you finally get a strike!!!!
You've gone for a cute, girly look perfect for relaxing with friends at your favourite hang out. 
And after all that it's time to head home and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Did someone say February 14th?

So maybe Valentine's Day isn't your thing. Maybe you had a recent break up. Maybe you think the holiday is idiotic.You can be cynical and bitter or avoid the holiday in sadness but where's the fun in that! Think of ways to get past the gushy, lovey-dovey, overly sentimentalised holiday in question and maybe enjoy being contrary. 

We've had a go at comparing the stereotypical expectations that the majority of us experience during Valentine's compared to the likelihood of what will actually happen...

A dashing chap bringing you breakfast in bed or just settle for a lie in, could do with the extra 40 winks.
Whisked off for a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant or how about pizza...everybody loves pizza!
Enjoy chocolatey treats together or maybe have them all to yourself. Did somebody say cake??
Dress up for date night or snuggle up in bed with a marathon of classic love films. 
After all that you're feeling warm and fuzzy inside from spending the day with your favourite person 
or overcome with emotion from all the pizza, chocolate and soppy chick flicks.
And just to reassure you that we're not totally anti-valentine's (honest!!) we've put together an outfit that we think would be perfect for a valentine's date or even a fun night out with friends. We've not gone for the typical cliché hearts and pastel shades but more of an androgynous, sassy look. 
Images: We Heart It, Pinterest and SirenLondon.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Blogger Siren: Lina Tesch

The beautiful Lina Tesch wears our Twist It Up Dress with floating black chiffon gown, rose headband and chalky pink dip dye hair for a girly yet gothic look that is truly dreamy.